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The story behind McGuire Consulting.

My recruiting career began by "mistake" at Northwestern Mutual thanks to the Managing Partner asking for my help with the college internship program (I had another role in the organization at the time). During my time there, I received excellent training and experience - I had mentors that pushed me and I attended several recruiting trainings and workshops across the country. Over the course of three years, I initiated and stood-up the campus recruiting process for the company’s “Top 10 Internship Program” and took them from two interns to over fifty. After that, I was promoted into recruiting financial advisors for NMFN's La Jolla office, in addition to the internship program.


Thanks to a conversation with a sorority sister (thank you, Lena), I spent the next 1.5 years in technical recruiting for TEKsystems, the largest IT staffing company in North America. I had the humbling experience of learning about technology (luckily I had Gary Coleman as my mentor) so I didn't sound like an idiot when I spoke to these genius developers. I asked a lot of questions, admitted when I didn't know something, and won their respect (I even wrote a few lines of code at a tech user group).


Seeking a more personal and focused approach, I moved to San Franciso-based Binc, a recruiting consulting firm focused on SF tech start-ups. I had the pleasure of working exclusively with our client, Airbnb, one of the largest startups in the Bay Area, where I supported two software engineering teams in a full lifecycle capacity. The people that I worked with and met at Airbnb are some of the smartest people in the industry. I learned so much from Ian, the hiring manager, as well as my mentor, Vanessa. I hope that Airbnb continues to absolutely kill it.


Throughout my career, I had several people encouraging and pushing me to do this on my own and start my own company. Although I had a track record of success, an awesome network of incredible people, and the work ethic to do it, I didn't feel ready and wanted to diversify my experience in the recruiting space. However, the more experience I got, I realized there was a space in the industry for me to do it ... for someone like me who really cared about the deep relationship with the client and who wanted the best for the candidate. I wanted to start something that allowed me to have the personalized approach that I hadn't been able to execute in the past due to the high volume of candidates and company politics.


I took the leap of faith and McGuire Consulting was born. It allows me to handpick my clients and spend quality time with them to ensure they get the results that they want. It allows me to have the candid conversations that are necessary in this industry to make progress and help companies with their unique recruiting challenges. I am passionate about delivering results, developing relationships, and providing and receiving feedback from my clients. I offer realistic timelines and thrive in environments where there is full transparency, flexibility, and a partnership approach.


If you are a company with recruiting challenges, reach out to me. If you are an individual looking to refresh your LinkedIn or resume, reach out to me. If I can't help you, I will point you in the right direction to someone who can.


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